Brain hemorrhage in Thailand (Brain AVM)

Operation for 10 hours in Bangkok hospital Pattaya

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)/ Stroke in Thailand – I was sitting in our apartment in Pattaya when I felt something happen in my head. Just like a click in my head. I started sweating uncontrollably and became completely confused and very dizzy.

I threw up and tried to get in touch with my girlfriend but I could not figure out how to use my cell phone. It took an hour before I figure out how to get the call to the girlfriend. She was there in 10 minutes, and we were rushed to Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya.

Here they found out I had a brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)). Then they started contacting my insurance (Pacific Cross Thailand – WARNING, NEVER use this insurance company).

Bad insurance company replied about my brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in Thailand

My insurance company replied back that they would not cover my hospital stay nor could they cover the surgery itself. I was in big trouble. So my girlfriend got hold of my Danish family and they got money transferred to the hospital within 1-2 days. Then the doctors could start operating on me.

Long operation in my head

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in ThailandThe actual operation in my head/brain took approx. 10 hours.
My hospital stay lasted for a little over 3 weeks before I got home to our apartment in Pattaya. Here I had a nurse with me for the first month. She helped me dose my pills, which were in 8 teams per day. I was simply too confused and dizzy to take the pills myself.

Rehabilitation after my brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)/stroke in Thailand

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)/stroke in Thailand – I was very dizzy at first, and gradually began my rehabilitation of muscles, balance, memory, overview, concentration, and many more things after my brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)/stroke. I trained on an exercise bike and cross-trainer. After a few days, a nerve got stuck in my back, and this lasted approx. 3 days with great pain.

A check-up at the hospital after 1 week

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in Thailand – After a week, I was back in the hospital to get a check-up and get scanned. They wanted to see how my head had grown back together. Everything looked fine, so I got the green light to travel home to Denmark and start my rehabilitation.

Bad weather in Denmark

My girlfriend traveled with me back home to Denmark so she could help me on the journey and at the airport etc. My girlfriend was with me in Denmark for a total of 2 weeks, and I must say that it was the 2 rainiest weeks we had ever chosen. The 2 weeks went by fast and then she had to travel back to Thailand again.

Goodbye to my Thai girlfriend

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM)/stroke in Thailand – I have to admit that I have probably never cried so much in my life before. But remember that I had to leave my dream life and live in Thailand, without knowing when I would come back to Thailand again, and for how long. Besides, I also had to say goodbye to my Thai girlfriend, not knowing when I was going to see her again. Read my article about going back to Thailand after 2 years of the pandemic.

Brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in Thailand – It was tough…

But… I kept my life, and I should be happy about that, according to the Danish doctors. For it had been a violent brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) I had had. I could actually just as well have lost my life from this.

I’m glad I’m alive today

But I will definitely return to Thailand at some point, and this time with DANISH travel insurance that would not cheat me like, as PACIFIC CROSS did.

My insurance reason for not covering me was that they claimed I had a weakness in my brain that made the rash. This they claimed without having in any way examined me first. The case cost me a little over DKK 400,000 in total – 2 million Thai Baht.

Living in Denmark

I am now in Denmark and have started my rehabilitation. On Monday I have to go to the hospital to be scanned again and checked to see if everything looks right after the operation.

5 years after my brain stroke in Thailand

At this moment it is 5 years since I had my brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in Thailand, and I am living as a retired with a pension from the Danish government. I work out 6 days a week and my health is okay despite my challenges. I am not allowed to drive a car because I lost 40% of my field of view.

I am epileptic caused of my operation, and I am dizzy most of the time. Those are just a few of my challenges after my brain hemorrhage (Brain AVM) in Thailand. But I learned to live with my challenges and I am actually having a good life now.

I started a Youtube channel

In the last 3 or 4 years, I travel back to Thailand to meet my friends there. And I started up a Youtube channel called “Jan travel Thailand”. Click here to go to my Youtube channel Jan travel Thailand.

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