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Jan travel Thailand – My name is Jan and I used to live in Thailand for 2,5 years back from 2013 to 2016. You can follow me here or on my YouTube channel called Jan travel Thailand. I love Thailand and I love traveling in Thailand. When I travel to Thailand I usually travel in the areas of Pattaya, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Chang. These are my favorite places to visit on my trips to Thailand.

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At the moment I have over 160 videos from and about Thailand. I hope you will enjoy my videos about Thailand travel with Jan travel Thailand.

I started making YouTube videos for my YouTube channel in January 2018. 🇹🇭

Why make a YouTube channel?

During my rehabilitation after my brain stroke back in 2015, I decided to set up some goals for myself. One of my goals was to make a YouTube channel called Jan travel Thailand. The reason was that I wanted to try to build up the challenges I got from my brain stroke in Thailand. I have plenty of challenges after my brain stroke.

Challenges after my brain stroke

  • Blindness in my right vision of both my eyes
  • Dizzyness 24/7
  • Easy for stress
  • Epileptic
  • Cognitive challenges
  • Bad short time memory
  • And more…
Thai dating Jan travel Thailand
Thai dating Jan travel Thailand ThaiFriendly

All those challenges I had to deal with the rest of my life. But I choose not to give up and keep on fighting with those challenges to get the best out of the rest of my life. The doctors told me what I could do to keep good health. I followed the advice from the doctors, and that is why I am where I am today.